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Our church began as a small bible study group that met every week at a local restaurant back in 1993.  Soon after, in 1994, we officially opened the church to establish a faith-based Korean community in Central Minnesota.  For 30 years, we have weclomed all to worship.  We share teachings from the Bible, study the meaning of His words, seek His wisdom, and praise His work to be completed.Today, we continue to grow our faith and community.  Our leadership team serves the local Korean community, dedicated to providing a welcoming inclusive church home for the people, by the people, of the people.  We are located near the campus of St. Cloud State University to provide access to church members from the surrounding areas and the local student community.Join us for our Sunday Service.

A message from our Minister


Welcome to our church! The Korean Community Church of St. Cloud is a church that loves God, loves its neighbors, and hashappy members.  Meetings are important in life.We are a church where you can meet good people andhave an eternal encounter with God. When we meet God,our life begins. When we meet God, the wandering of faith ends.  When we find a good church, it's a church where healthy and happy people come together because of Jesus.  We will be a family with you, sharing God's love and happiness, and be your eternal companions in life. We welcome you to our church website. We hope you will experience a richer encounter here. We love you in the Lord.  We Bless you.  Thank you.

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